BioMachines Nanoscopy Lab

The Weiss lab is an interdisciplinary group in the Department of Engineering Physics at Polytechnique Montreal. We develop tools that have broad applications ranging from fundamental biophysics to biomedical diagnostics.

Le labo Weiss est un groupe interdisciplinaire du Département de génie physique de Polytechnique Montréal. Nous développons des outils qui ont de larges applications allant de la biophysique fondamentale au diagnostic biomédical.

An animation reading Weiss Lab in bioluminescent fluid.

A bioluminescent media flowing through a microfluidic channel (Thanks Omer!)

Coming soon

The nuclear basket regulates distribution and mobility of nuclear pore complexes in budding yeast. Zsok et al. BiorXiv.

- Biophysical insight into the nuclear pore complex and nuclear basket proteins -
- Single-particle tracking -
- 3D particle trajectory simulation

published in 2023

Single-molecule imaging in the primary cilium. Weiss et al. Methods in Cell Biology.

- Super-resolution microscopy  -
- Single-molecule imaging -
- Multicolor microscope design -

Lab Fun

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Power-outage foosball, 2023

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Lab outing, 2022

Custom sample incubator by Elham, 2022

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First lab lunch, 2021

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