Lucien Weiss

Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Physics (department page)
Member, Biomedical Engineering Institute
Researcher, TransMedTech Institute

Areas of interest include: biosensing, diagnostics, high-resolution microscopy, mechanobiology, single-molecule spectroscopy (biosketch)

Contact: lucien.weiss (AT)

François Simon, PhD
Computational biology

Single-particle tracking analysis. Probabilistic modeling and machine learning applied to healthcare and genomics.

Loves to talk about politics and brewing ginger beer.
francois.simon [AT]

Elham Atlassi, MA
Biomedical Engineering

Interested in image processing, machine learning and pattern recognition.

From Iran and loves animals, especially cats. Crazy about reading, especially science fiction books - Yes, Harry Potter! Enjoys swimming and running. 🐈

Guillaume Ramadier, MEng
Engineering Physics

Co-advised with Caroline Boudoux

Oscar Joaquin Isasmendi Ramirez, BEng
Engineering Physics

Co-advised with Clara Santato & Raphaël Trouillon

Biosensors, organic electronics, sustainability, biophysics, and neurochemistry. 

From Paraguay.  Enjoys playing music and spending time in nature.

Olivier Desbiens
Biomedical Engineering

Interested in bleeding-edge technology applied to the medical field. 

Current position: Electro-optical Surveillance Engineer,
Canadian Armed Forces

Israe Zakaria
Aerospace engineering

Space propulsion, machine vision technology, fluid dynamics, image processing and a wide range of other subjects.

Hails from both Canada and Morocco. Enjoys hiking, traveling, horse riding  and taking care of plants. Devoted cat mom 🐈

Fanny Bicrell-Dandurand
Mechanical engineering

Interested in biomechanics, biomedical and engineering.  

From Canada. Loves reading, drawing, and listening to movie soundtracks. Also enjoys nature and working out. Happily has two cats!  🐈🐈

Noémie Filion-Patoine
Engineering Physics

Interested in neuroscience, microbiology, physics and especially engineering areas that bring them all together.

From Canada. Likes taking care of children, team sports, outdoors adventures and fluffy dogs. 🐕

Shivani Patel
Engineering Physics

Co-advised with Sven van Teeffelen

Interested in optics, physics, mathematics, and most importantly, engineering.

From France. Loves cats, working out, and listening to music. 🐈

Arthur Diamant Engineering Physics

Inès Fonquernie, BEng

Khaled Elouaer
Engineering Physics

Kristina Siiman
Materials Science

Ahmed Al Makki
Engineering Physics

Co-advised with Sebastien Lorange

Laurent Dupuis
Engineering Physics

Coming soon!

Tong Zhou, MSc

Coming soon!

Théodora Daiaa, BEng

Coming soon!

Alice Helleboid, BEng

Coming soon!

Interested in Joining?

Send an email with the subject: "[Name], lab-position applicant" containing:

Project areas include: biosensing, diagnostics, high-resolution microscopy, mechanobiology, microfluidic imaging, single-molecule spectroscopy

Mischief Engineer

Interested in cat physics. Loves poutine. 🐈

Former Members

Yuri Tei
Chemical Science and Engineering, PhD student
Visiting researcher from Tokyo Institute of Technology

Silvan Marti, MSc
Computer Science, MSc
Visiting researcher from FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Current position: PhD candidate, Chalmers University of Technology

Louis Malosse, MEng
Engineering Physics, MSca & MSc
Current position: Optical instrumentation research engineer, Paris Observatory

Arthur Vidal, BEng
Geology, MSc student visiting researcher from Ecole National Supérieur de Géologie

Angèle Deconfin
Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate Researcher, Polytechnique Montreal

Nina Kerff
Engineering Physics
Undergraduate Researcher, Polytechnique Montreal

Kenza Baspin
Engineering Physics
Undergraduate Researcher, Polytechnique Montreal

Laurence Lefrançois
Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate Researcher, Polytechnique Montreal

Robin Kang, MEng
Biomedical Engineering

University de Montréal