Lucien Weiss

Lucien Weiss is joining Polytechnique Montreal as an Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics. He performed his graduate studies at Stanford University in the lab of W. E. Moerner, where he characterized the movements of individual signaling proteins. His postdoctoral research was done in Yoav Shechtman's Nano-bio-optics lab at the Israel Institute of Technology supported by a Zuckerman Fellowship. His group is developing new classes of instruments to piece together the behavior and function of biological samples over an extremely broad range of spatiotemporal scales: from single molecules to populations of cells and microseconds to days. These tools will be used to investigate the connection between cellular heterogeneity, the progression of disease, and the action of therapeutics in order to understand why seemingly similar cells behave so differently. The outcome of this work will be the development of rapid and ultrasensitive diagnostic tools with applications including cancer detection, pathogen sensing, and personalized medicine.